The global population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050. Feeding this growing population more sustainably is a huge challenge facing agriculture. Developing agricultural robotics is seen as one potential solution to tackling this challenge.

Advances in agri-food robotics reviews the utilisation of agricultural robots to deal with increasing labour shortages in agriculture whilst bringing greater precision and efficiency into farming operations. The book addresses recent advances in agricultural robotic technologies and how these can be optimised to monitor and manage crop production more effectively, from phenotyping for improved varieties to harvesting the finished product.

In its comprehensive exploration of the technologies available, the book provides farmers with the means necessary to invest – and trust – in agricultural robotics to improve the productivity and profitability of their farm.

With its distinguished editors and expert team of authors, Advances in agri-food robotics will be a standard reference for academic researchers in crop and livestock science, agricultural engineers, data scientists, as well as government and private sector agencies supporting sustainable agriculture and the development of agricultural technology.

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