With the global population estimated to reach 9 billion by 2050, agricultural production must align with this growth to alleviate any further burden on our current food systems. More sustainable and alternative modes of production are required to ensure that this overburden doesn’t occur and that the food security of millions isn’t compromised in the process.

Advances in cultured meat technology reviews the growing interest and emergence in the field of cellular agriculture as one possible solution to achieving this. The book reviews the major technologies used in cultured meat product development, including cell line sourcing, cell growth media, bioreactors for cell multiplication and tissue engineering using scaffolds. The need to establish regulatory frameworks to permit the creation and trade of this new type of product is also highlighted, as is the key issue of consumer acceptance of this new technology.

In its comprehensive exploration of the recent advances in cultured meat, the book showcases the potential of cultured meat production in alleviating the burden on our food systems, as well as some of the welfare and sustainability issues that arise during traditional livestock production.

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