The first chapter provides a brief overview of the major aphid pests affecting tree fruit production, focussing on those causing economic damage in citrus, apple, pear and stone fruit production. The chapter considers the techniques available for their control and looks ahead to future research in this area.

The second chapter addresses the complex issue of managing and controlling arthropod pests in tree fruit production in the face of increasing pesticide regulatory restrictions, as well as public concerns about food safety and environmental impact. The chapter considers the need for a more basic understanding of pest biology and development which can then be used in predictive models to support the effective use of more selective and sustainable crop protection methods.

The third chapter introduces key arthropod pests of apples and highlights the importance of integrated pest management (IPM) programmes in controlling infestations. The chapter reviews the tools and tactics available as part of a sustainable IPM programme, as well as current and future challenges facing IPM.

The final chapter outlines key cultural tactics for managing arthropod pests in temperate tree fruit, including the modification of trees, tree architecture, orchard floor management, cultivation practices, mowing and the cultivation of orchard cover crops.

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