Increasing consumer demand for low-input cultivation and minimal processing has significantly increased the risk of microbiological contamination of fresh produce. This both presents a health risk to consumers and undermines trust in the food supply chain from farm to fork.

Advances in ensuring the microbiological safety of fresh produce reviews our current understanding of the main pathogenic risks to fresh produce, including their epidemiology, genetics and behaviour. The book addresses recent advances in improving safety along the value chain, from advances in detection to improving consumer handling of fresh produce.

By providing a comprehensive insight into the pathogenic risks facing the fresh produce sector, the book details how key stakeholders across the agri-food supply chain can reduce the risk of pathogen contamination and outbreaks of foodborne illnesses.

Edited by an internationally-renowned expert in the field and featuring contributions from a team of expert authors, Advances in ensuring the microbiological safety of fresh produce will be a standard reference for researchers in food safety, agricultural engineers specialising in fresh produce storage, retail and other companies involved in the fresh produce supply chain, as well as government and commercial agencies responsible for safety and quality monitoring of agri-food supply chains.

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