Insect pests remain a significant threat to cereal production due to the direct damage they can cause to crops, but also due to their ability to act as vectors of wheat pathogens, particularly plant viruses.With growing concerns surrounding the impact of climate change on both native and invasive pest invasions, coupled with the rising threat of global food insecurity, more research is required to understand the major insect pests of cereals, including how best to control and monitor them.

Advances in understanding insect pests affecting wheat and other cereals provides a comprehensive review of the wealth of research that addresses this challenge. This collection discusses the major insect pests affecting key cereal crops, such as wheat. Each chapter covers the most recent developments in fundamental and applied research on major pests, such as the Russian wheat aphid, Hessian fly and wheat curl mite, and shows how better understanding of these pests can be used to improve integrated pest management (IPM) strategies.

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