Marketing and Entrepreneurship have, until quite recently, remained two quite independent scholarly domains. In 2002, Morris et al. provided a definition of Entrepreneurial Marketing as, "an integrative construct for conceptualising marketing in an era of change, complexity, chaos, contradiction, and diminishing resources, and one that will manifest itself differently as companies age and grow. It fuses key aspects of recent developments in marketing thought and practice with those in the entrepreneurship area into one comprehensive construct".

Since then, research in this field has grown in significance across the globe. Hence, this book presents important theoretical developments with regard to research at the Entrepreneurship and Marketing interface. The editors have invited acknowledged authors working in this exciting discipline, from around the world, to divulge and present in a comprehensive format, a book which addresses critical issues for businesses, both small and large, from a global perspective.

The research is drawn from empirical research and the study of the following in diverse country contexts:

new venture creation
marketing in Small-to-Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)
renewal of existing businesses facing market challenges
innovative cost-effective marketing strategies and practices
exploration of entrepreneurship theory and entrepreneurial behaviour of individuals and, in organisations.

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