This book addresses the issue of modern medical innovations management through an inductive approach by looking into cases before putting forward solutions in terms of strategies and tools. It provides a model for the designing and implementation of effective healthcare technology management (HTM) systems in hospitals and healthcare provider settings, as well as promotes a new method of analysis of hospital organization for decision-making regarding technology to show how systematic management using a strategy that balances bottom-up and top-down driven innovations, can deliver better medical technological advances.
Managing Medical Technological Innovations is organized in three parts. Part 1 covers innovation strategies, laying the groundwork and concepts in design thinking. Part 2 follows by presenting the tools available for implementation. And finally, Part 3 uses the case studies of pharmaceutical firms in China and hospital medical record management in Holland to illustrate how these ideas and methodologies have been applied.
This book is suitable for healthcare administrators, management, and IT personnel involved in the planning, expansion and maintaining of healthcare technology management and organisation seeking a reference with most recent approaches and cases from an international context; researchers seeking new approaches to apply to emerging medical technologies in different regions; and graduate students who are either doing their research or taking introductory as well as advanced courses in engineering and technology management in different parts of the world.