A Social Enterprise Venture (SEV) is defined as an organization, initiative or startup that has a strong social innovation characteristic focusing on a scalable and sustainable social wealth creation or sustainable living at the individual or community level. Most books that deal with SEVs, unfortunately still focus on non-profits. Current market trends indicate non-profits need more sustainable funding mechanisms for survival. This book focuses on the growing need to build a business with purpose.
With the growing role of the private sector in the development arena, as highlighted by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, all firms need to relook entrepreneurship from a 'business-with-purpose' lens. The fact that venture capitalists/private equity firms are acquiring social ventures (like Bain Capital and TOMS), or that SEVs are being divested (L'Oreal and Body Shop), reinforces the need to understand which business models work. One of the biggest barriers for growth of SEVs is scalability and internationalization. This book fills the present gap between research and practice; and the non-profits and for-profit worlds.

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