This book combines emulsion knowledge into a single, comprehensive volume, ideal for professionals and
students involved in the areas of pharmaceutical science who are looking to learn about this emergent
research concept.
Compiles the step-by-step investigations made concerning the potential of nanosized emulsions on both
drug delivery and drug targeting areas by different group of scientists in various laboratories across the
Inverts the common nano-emulsions coverage trend of focusing on focused on the particulate system itself, instead exploring the
way to turn nanosized emulsions as biomedical tool, as well as, treating the in vitro and in vivo aspects after administration
Provides an overview of the current state-of-the art regarding the development of tocol emulsions, emulsion adjuvants in
immunization research, oxygen-carrying emulsions (called as fluorocarbon emulsion) and emulsions for delivering drugs to nasal
and topical (ocular and transdermal) routes

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